Language Immersion

Language Immersion for Chrome 1.0.3

Use Google to immerse yourself in language-learning

Language Immersion is a very simple, but highly useful, extension for Google Chrome. View full description


  • 64 languages
  • 3 skill levels
  • Spoken translations nice addition
  • Easy way to learn more


  • On/off takes 2 clicks
  • Not all languages have same support
  • English isn't a language option

Very good

Language Immersion is a very simple, but highly useful, extension for Google Chrome.

Learning a language is all about practice, which is precisely what Language Immersion lets you do. The add-on randomly translates parts of whatever you are reading online, using Google Translate. There are 3 levels of immersion - novice, intermediate and fluent - and you can pick any of the 64 languages currently supported by Google Translate.

Language Immersion's translation happens as the page loads, so you can read as normal. After a few lines, you'll realize that some parts of your text are now in the language you're learning. Clicking on the translation reveals the original text. Being an extension, Language Immersion's settings aren't very complex - pick the language and the level and you're pretty much done.

You can also click on the little spanner menu to access two of Language Immersion's extra settings - highlighting and spoken translations. These can both be very helpful additions, but won't suit all learners or all languages, so play around with them to see which suit. Also bear in mind that Google Translate doesn't support spoken translations for all languages.

In all, Language Immersion is a great extra tool for all language learners. Download it now!

Language Immersion


Language Immersion for Chrome 1.0.3

User reviews about Language Immersion

  • mahshid joon

    by mahshid joon

    "yes i can"

    it is good.i engoyed from teacher told me that is very good.   More.

  • chrisfello839536634

    by chrisfello839536634

    "It doesn't work"

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  • tinakellock

    by tinakellock

    "Love the idea - never got it to work"

    Was so excited to try this, but never got past the Translating circle spinning. Would love to try it when it actually...   More.

  • Jordan B.

    by Jordan B.

    "Doesn't work."

    Useless. Maybe worked at one time on an older version of Chrome, but doesn't anymore. Should be taken down from the C...   More.

  • capsacin

    by capsacin

    "Doesn't work."

    See the most recent comment. It just sits at "translating" ad infinitum and never translates a page...   More.

  • jessicadriskell

    by jessicadriskell

    "It constantly sits at "Translating" and never actually translates anything."

    It constantly sits at "Translating" and never actually translates anything. It's useless. I even let it sit...   More.